2012 Hours to Go

On Saturday 5th May I took my Daughter Erin along with my nephew Liam and his daughter Paige to the opening of the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. 2012 hours to go was going to be our first trip inside the Olympic Park and Stadium. I have shoot the Stadium on many occasions on its development, always from the outside looking in, this was to be my first venture inside.

On the tickets it said “come two hours before the start of the event which I thought was a bit much when first reading it but all in all it was good advice and was glad that we heeded the advice.

Before we even got to the park we were greeted by masses of helpers giving directions to the entrance of the park. Some of whom were perched on lifeguard style high chairs  with loudhailers welcoming you to the park.

Security is tight, as you enter the park you go through airport style security first off you walk through a scanner, then you have to empty your pockets and remove your coat and place all this in trays to go through the xray machines. These are all situated around 600m from the stadium in marques.


Once inside I was hit with the full scale of the area. I had never really thought of it being so colosal when taking photos from behind the fences, but when up close the stadium just rose up in front of you and is a impressive site. Another thing on the size of the park it just goes on and on, once again you really don’t get the scale of this place until your inside.



As usual the kids wanted to run around in T-shirts thinking it was warm but it was a cold and dank type of day and they were suffering at the end of the night so were we all. 


The Event was hosted by the family fortunes presenter Vernon Kay and Gabby Logan, before the celebrity entertainment the was the mater of the  British Universities and Colleges Sport Visa Outdoor Athletics Championships that host many events.



The Girls loved it and before now I was sceptical on the whole Olympic thing but really enjoyed the day out. Erin said ” It was the best day ever, even though she froze her little cotton socks off” 



Half Term Blues

Had a great half term with Erin this week, but like most good things they come to an end so I handed her back to her mum yesterday as I have to prep up for a small business course I’m on next week.

We had a good time we messed about with a couple of photo shoots, she went on an own a pony day at the Docklands riding School, and we went to Richmond park to see the Deer but alas we saw no deer and found out that they were culling them which upset Erin.

So here’s  just a few shots we took during a half term ramblings.

A shot in my home made studio

This shot is pretty much out of the camera I used whats called clamshell lighting two shoot through umbrellas one high one low shooting up and down and my camera shooting between them.



Topaz edit


This is the same shot  which I edited in Photoshop and Topaz labs to give it a dreamy fill to it. I only got Topaz labs recently and like it a lot I can see me using it quite a bit.



Hair flick

Again from the same shoot with Erin we done some hair flicks. This part Erin enjoyed the most as she just couldn’t stop giggling. just a few local adjustments on this one.


1st prize


This is a shot of Erin and her new favourite horse Dolly. She went for the Docklands Riding School own a pony day. Where the children learn how to look after a pony. They have to muck the stables out, brush the horses and they get to have fun too. Erin got first place in the obstacle course race, which she just can’t stop telling everyone about.



This shot is as we were leaving Richmond Park in the evening I threw up a flash on a stand about 45 degrees as Erin bounced on the limb of the tree. At this point she had forgotten all about the deer that we did not see and how the deer were being culled through the month.