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Sorry been away for a bit and didn’t fancy posting. I was back home in Ireland for my Aunty Margaret  funeral.

Since being back not done much photography so just started to get back doing a bit. Took a trip to Richmond Park for the Deer rut. Every where you went there were herds of photographers. The night before though the rut was mentioned on BBC’ Autumn Watch.

Well I managed to get some nice shots with my cheapo lens had to get in a bit close during the rutting which had my moving backwards a few times as they got a little to close.

Well Hope you like my shots.

Richmond Park

Visited Richmond Park yesterday for the first time in my life, Had a couple of hours to spare in the afternoon so was close by. The London Flickr Meet up group has an outing planned here for October so I thought I check it out. It is a place I will visit quite regular from now on. I will love shooting early in the morning and late at night and perhaps do a 24 hr shoot here if I can.

Well here Just a few of the shots of the Deer that I got. The Park has both Red and Fallow Deer.

A bit early for the rutting season this was just a little play around between the two stags.

If you get a chance to visit the park do it is a massive 1000 hectares of open space the largest in London apparently. I would need a good moth here to get the best of it. for each season. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with this space and the wildlife it contains



The Town Show

This weekend we had our Town Show in Central Park, Well that’s what it was called when I was little. For some reason it’s now called the Mayors show. I can not get used to this name change and still call it as it was.

The weather was horrendous with heavy rain forecast and it did not disappoint. I took my Daughter Erin and my neighbours to kids Kyle and Alex, Kyle is the same age as Erin and the play together most weekends going backwards and forwards from one house to the other.

So we waited for a break in the rain and walked up to Central Park about all of five minutes. when we arrived there was not many people in the park which ment not to big a wait to get on the rides and stuff to do, I guess most people waited like us for a break in the clouds.

The first thing Erin wanted to do is the Donkey rides which they got onto straight away no lining up at all. I was looking forward to a Falconry Display but it wasn’t what I had expected. the birds just sat on the perches and the handler gave the kids a glove and sat one  of the birds on it. We got the Harris Hawk whose name was Splat. A great looking Bird. The y also had a Barn Owl a Long Eared Owl and a Kestrel, all very beautiful looking birds.

They had a play area where you could try out sports such as Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball the kids tried out all three for around half hour running from one to the other it was quite hard to keep up with them.

East London University had a Sumo suit ring where you put on a Sumo suit and basically rolled around on the floor with a opponent. When we where there two members of the local fire brigade  took up the challenge to duel it out best of 3 falls. it  looked as though they enjoyed it and the kids were cheering for one then the other of the firemen.

We then headed to the cabaret tent which had a bar next to it but I did not participate in any alcohol no reason not to just couldn’t be bothered queuing up I guess. The first act we watched was a Bollywood dance troop apparently they were in the semi finals of Britain’s got talent they were quite entertaining and after their performance they tried to get the crowd up to lean and dance a bit, Erin Alex and Kyle would not get up at first, but as soon as other people started to get up Erin plucked up the courage to go out on the floor. She even got praised by the dance troupe leader.

The Rain really put a dampener on the whole day so I had planned to come back on Sunday to get some better shots not with the children but Sunday was even worse weather wise and I spent the whole day in the pub.

Well the Kids enjoyed it so at least they were happy and had a good day.



Have a Nice Day

Well the 4th July American Independance day. Well we don’t really celebrate it this side of the big pond but it is an excuse for me to post some of my first ever fireworks photo’s taken last November the 5th.

I always remember fireworks night when I was a kid. Dad would build a bonfire and we would get spaklers and he would light all the proper fireworks. my favourite was the kathrine wheels and of course rockets. We would wrap spuds in silver foil and put these in the bonnie until cooked then add beans and cheese. They were great nights.

Now with Erin we normally go to our local council show the photos here are from last years Newham councils show. I still get some fireworks for in the garden but we don’t have a bonfire, maybe this year we will and have the spuds too.