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Playing around with frames.

Didn’t have Erin this weekend and had no photo walks planned, So I was just having a mess around in Photoshop. Mainly was trying to come up with a new logo/watermark, then started messing around with making frames. I personally have never really liked frames on say Flickr or other sites always thought they distracted from the photograph, But I messed around seeing if I could make some frames like in the on one package and found it was quite easy to replicate their frames just with playing around, but still didn’t like them until I made a classic frame or what I would call classic contemporary which just comprises of a 50 px black border and an off white mount board frame of 200 px both with a shadow of 3 px on all edges. I saved it as an action and I think it shows of my B+W images  quite nicely if I can I will throw up the action for people to use if they want  but here’s a couple of examples.

If anyone would want the action drop me a line on the blog  until I find out how to put it  up for people to download. Or if you can tell me how to put it up for download let me know how.



Constable Country

The Hay Wain View 2011

Had a wee Jaunt out to Maningtree with a group on Flickr and done the Constable walk from Flatford to Dedham.

Flatford Mill is the Sceene where Constable painted the Hay Wain in 1820. He used to do most of his sketches during the mid day hours, Which I found strange as most Artist use the golden light of the golden hour just before sunset or sunrise.

3 Pollarded Willows


Flatford Bridge Picture frames