This Page is about me and my photography.

Just Started blogging at the age of 46 how time flies when you’ve had fun.

About my blog well I guess it’s to promote my photography and to connect with other like-minded individuals. I don’t really want to be the next big thing in


My Daughter Erin

photography, As photography is part of me, what I am and what I enjoy. As long as I enjoy taking photo’s I will continue if for some reason my passion dies there’s always a market on eBay for secondhand equipment. I can’t see that happening.

I hail from Ireland and Live in East London Have a beautiful daughter Erin that I have every weekend and school Holidays, apart from when I have a weekend shoot planned. She is my life and she probably has me wrapped around her finger, but that’s what daughters are for I guess, We go to horse riding most weeks and this is something Erin just loves doing.

Muckish Sheep

Muckish Sheep Guardian in Pictures

Back to Me well I have had quite a few images published in different places and am an active member of Flickr. Have had a few of my images published in Print and online, the Guardian has published a number of my images in their weekend magazine and on their website the latest being an old shot of Muckish mountain in Donegal Ireland. the last one printed in the Guardian Magazine was an image of my 91-year-old Father. Other web sites and my local paper have also used

Dad aged 91

my images for various articles and showcases.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and my photo’s! please take the time to comment as the whole point of this is to interact with people.




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