Last Wednesday morning my favourite Aunty Margaret Passed away. She had spent the last 5- 10 years fighting cancer of the lungs including having been into hospital about five years ago to have part of her lung removed.

She was a fighter and one of the nicest women you could ever wish to know, but you would not want to get yourself on the wrong side of her. She rose a family of 9 beautiful children in the harshest of condition with her husband Danny (a man who means so much to me).

I travelled over to Derry with my Sister and  Cousin Dave to attend the wake and Funeral of one of the best. The welcome we got you could not ask for better. It was as if we had spent our whole life there.

At the wake house every one of our aunts children and 27 grandwains done their bit to make everything run like clock work and I’m sure their Mother and Grandmother was very proud how they all coped at the hardest of times.

I was going to write a sort of obituary here for Margaret but I will just add a few photos to the few words I have already spoken here.

May the souls of the faithfully Departed Rest in Peace


2 comments on “Proud

  1. John Carlin says:

    Nice photo Martin and I agree with all of you comments a beautiful women in every way Margaret Black was and I will always have fond memories of her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well put together Martin, a sad old time, Slan..

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