Well today was the start of the school summer holidays for Erin and me. What to do? how do plan the next 6 weeks for a 8-year-old and a 46-year-old Dad.

Erin Ride

We decided to go for a bike ride to my sister Rosaleen in Becton as Erin just loves Ros’s dog Sophie. The total route took us around 10miles round trip and took in 4 parks.

We took along Kyle and Alex Erin’s best friends from down the road. So started of in East Ham and rode down Folkestone road to Goosley Park, I had not been in this park since I was probably around Erin’s age. They had spent quite a bit on the park recently but was the spend justified I’m not to sure. There was a new play area and a bike racing track and a few exercise machine scattered around in  circuit around the park. Kyle Alex and Erin loved the bike course and did not want to leave for a next stage of out journey.

I eventually dragged them away from Goosley and we started heading down to my sisters in Becton. We crossed the A13 and headed down towards Ros’s house when lo and behold a lampposts jumped out and hit Erin clean on the nose, well enough to knock her of her bike and add a few more bumps and grazes to hands and knees. It wasn’t to bad and soon we were on our way and in not time at all knocking on Ros’s door.

Ros as usual open the door with a jolly smile and warm welcome. All the kids love my sis and love her dog Sophie well almost all, what I didn’t realise was that Alex was quite scarred of dogs so we had to put Sophie outside with Alf who was doing his pigeons, (apparently it’s the start of the young birds season this weekend and Alf is training the birds up for their first race). Ros made us all a nice sandwich and Erin and the kids watched some film about vampires.

We were off again this time through two parks and some common grounds on our way to Becton Park on the way we came across 2 horses grazing on the common land. Of course we had to stop so Erin and the kids could pet them.  Onward and upward we rode around beckon park they had a play on the swings and stuff and we then headed back to Goosley Park and the Cycle Track.


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