The Bike

Moving on from giving up the smoking, I decided to get a bike. Nothing spectacular just a reasonably priced mountain bike from Halford. The  idea of the bike is to keep fit (reasonably), to take Erin out on short rides and for me to ride out into the countryside to take some photo’s. There are a few things I didn’t recon on, How really unfit I am, How sore on the Butt riding can be when you haven’t done it in like 30 years. It looks like this may be a long-term project. I’ve probably done around 20 miles on it this week so far in short trips, but it really is sore on the behind. I’ve been over to my sisters and Ilford and the City Airport and found a few interesting sights on the way. I’ve also now got the added weight of my camera rucksack loaded with gear which probably weighs in at a reasonable 15Kilo.

Canary Wharf From UEL

Canary Wharf Dusk

So I think it might be a while yet to I get out of the city into the countryside on my bike. So I am going to start riding as far as I feel comfortable and stop and take photo’s of whatever is there until I finally get as far as some fields in the country. Really thought this cycling lark would be easy and straight forward but like everything in life just looks easy. So not much chance on making the Tour de France next year.

UEL Sunset

My first trip out took me to City Airport in Docklands well the UEL, nice view of Canary Wharf and the towers from here. It was around 9:30 at night so no planes landing or taking off they must shut the airport down early. So I just took a few shots of the Wharf and Tate’s.

UEL Sunset 2

Alfie's Work Place Tate's


2 comments on “The Bike

  1. Lovely dusk shots. I particularly like the shot of Tate and Lyle. Worth getting a sore butt for! 🙂

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