Well been spending most of this week getting used to the Canon 7D camera and reading the cameras manual, which to be honest I rarely ever read the manuals of anything I buy be it TV’s Computers anything I just normally think I will work it out.

But I don’t really know why but the first thing when I opened the box on the 7D is I went to the manual even before looking at the camera itself. Why would I do this? Was I intimidated by the camera? No not really so why I should change a habit of a life time I just can’t put my finger on it. Well the Manual 269 Pages broken up into 12 chapters. The first 2 chapters explain basic shooting 3 to 11 are the advanced sections and 12 is reference.

The Camera cost £1179 @ park cameras. and was delivered within a day which I thought was an excellent service.

It has a 18mp sensor that produces 24-25 mp  raw files and can shoot full HD video.


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