Up and Running

Well on Tuesday I managed to get my New Camera  a Canon 7D, ordered around midday on Monday and delivered to my door for Tuesday Must thank Park Girl PlayingCameras for their services so much better than that Warehouse express mob and cheaper so bargains all round.

Took the camera out on Wednesday to finish of my Guardian Camera Club assignment on Tourism I try to do this each month just to give myself a goal and to try to shoot stuff that I may not normally shoot.

When I was out yesterday there was a girl running in and out of the walk way fountains on the South Bank by the More London Area. Then two tourist start walking through it when it shot up in full flow and soaked them, They just continued to walk as though nothing had happened. No dash to get out of it nothing they just continued to plod along.

Saw an interesting street artist as the invisible man down by St Paul’s and the Millenium Bridge, thought he looked quite cool.

During my trip up town I had a whole packet of polo’s to take me mind of the smoking which I am managing to still hold out from the nicotine monster and his cravings. Actually finding the giving up of the cigs quite easy but I did last year when I stopped for 3 months but then started again. I can’t see why so many people say they hate the smell of smoke, I personally love the smell along with freshly cooked Tarmac too.

Well I survived another day without the cigs and completed the 6 shots for the Guardian Camera Club Tourism assignment. so retired to my local hostilliery for a few pints of the black stuff and a chinese on the way home.

Invisible Man  on Millenium Bridge

Invisible Man




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