Me or my Dad

Well I’m feeling a little down without my camera, looks like I won’t get the new 7d till next week, Not sure that the feelings I’m feeling is withdrawal symptoms for


Swinging Time

giving up smoking or not having my camera intravenously strapped to my neck.
Picked Erin up from school today and the first thing she said “were’s your camera dad.” Well I thinks she’s glad for the break of me shoving the camera in her face along with her friends.

It’s got me remembering what I used to hate with me dad when I was young. My dad was a cine 8 buff and still amateur photog. He would have me running around like a lunatic still have the home movies and projector in the loft. Am I turning into my dad or are all dads this way.

Been without my camera for a few days and reminiscing already this is getting scary think I should sign out before I start welling up lol.




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