Stop Smoking

Did not say earlier but I stopped smoking again Tuesday and ended up having a really stressful time of it.
Ordered a camera online from Warehouse Express (will never use them ever again). As they e-mailed me to say sorry but order is not in stock and we have to back order it. So I cancelled order. Go to buy somewhere else no enough funds required in your account.
Its Funny how they can take your money out of your account immediately you press that Buy Button. But if you want a refund of your own money it can take up to 5 working days. So pissed over this had a shoot plaanned for Saturday that looks like I won’t be able to do.
Anyway still managed to stay of the cigs even with all this going on so a big well done to me.


One comment on “Stop Smoking

  1. delectapix says:

    Congrats and keep it up. I smoked for 30 years, 1.5-2 packs per day in the last 10 years then up and quit cold turkey in November 2011. I’m not going to lie, its a daily struggle to stay off…the battle continues!

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