London all Night Shoot

LFM all Nighter

Well not fully recovered from the all night shoot last night but had a great night. The Flickr London Meet up group was very warm and friendly bunch which made the night go along smoothly. Got a few long exposures and carried out quit a few experiments along the way.

We started of in BarOne in Canary Wharf and had a few beers and chat to get too know one and other. From there we went to North Greenwich to take photos of the wharf  with the sunset. (more like in the rain and wind.) The weather was’nt too good to start but improved as the night went on. We headed back to the wharf to take some night shots then onto Westminster Towerbridgethrough St James Park on up to China Town for something to eat. Along the way we lost some of the group to the cold and wet weather but still had a group of around 30 as we sat down to our Chineese (which was very tasty). We then split up into 2 groups one took a walk along the south bank  the others took a bus down to St Pauls Including the knackered me. (see shot on right.

We then headed down to TowerBridge for Sunrise, While waiting for the sun to come up I thought I change my CF card don’t really know what happened but I wrecked the pins in the slot so camera knackered I was knackered and gave up. Good excuse for a camera upgrade.




2 comments on “London all Night Shoot

  1. Hi martin, Great shots here, and thanks for give some comments on my Blog
    The tower bridge night shot is really awesome 🙂

    cheers mate!

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